I specialise in artistic, un-posed wedding photography in Cornwall and beyond. I thrive on capturing real emotions; real moments – not posing you in anyway, or setting up shots, but rather capturing natural events as they happen.

Travelling the United Kingdom and rest of the world has always been a dream and now that I can call it my job, is just amazing. It is crazy that I have become a destination wedding photographer, allowing myself to document a variation of weddings, whilst enjoying my job. Which is why I’d love to spend your moment with you and your friends, on your special day.

My passion for photography, travel and documenting stories only increases when surrounded by people who are also passionate and openminded about life, and the possibilities of their wedding celebrations.

If you are reading this, hopefully you are such couple; looking for someone to document your day, as well as record those all important moments which will become reminders for your memories for many years to come, whilst making a NEW FRIEND in the process.


Want to see what we do… click on the images below to take a look at their special day.

Being a wedding photographer in Cornwall, I have always been surrounded by beautiful landscapes, so photography was always a given really. You cannot live in Cornwall and not want to go out and take photos every day. The beauty of my job, is that I am able to travel the UK and be appart of other peoples special day. I feel my work is very natural and eye catching.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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